Hello future Extreme Gym member.  I’m David, owner of Extreme Gym. That’s me in the picture below.

Extreme Gym is a no nonsense gym. It’s not a social club or a place to stare at the opposite sex. People come here to train hard because they have one goal in mind and that is to get in their best shape possible and to be extremely healthy. This is a GYM. We aren’t a pretty fitness and we don’t sport fancy colors. It’s tons of iron and the best equipment. We have had people go from 600 lbs down to 230 lbs. We have had people go from 120 lbs up to a lean muscular 200 lb physique. Whatever your goal, you are welcome and we can help you achieve it. All are welcome who want a better body and a healthier body.


As a personal trainer since 1989, I helped numerous people get on the right track to a healthy body inside and out including celebrities, professional athletes, and competitive bodybuilders.  We are not a large gym but we pride ourselves on helping you see real dramatic results and more importantly keeping those results. If your not getting results at your present gym and are tired of the overcrowding, come on in for a visit. To the current members of Extreme Gym, I thank you for being a member here at the gym. If there is anything I can do to help you improve your health and physique, just ask.